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Another notebook cover

Following my own tutorial, this time with a smaller notebook.

The notebook measurements are 12.5′ x 8 1/4′.



Lining: 1 rectangle 13.5′ x 9 1/4′

Pockets: 4 rectangles 3.5′ x 9 1/4′

Cover: 1 rectangle 13.5′ x 9 1/4′. Mine is made of 3 pieces patched together with the following measurements:

  • 1 rectangle 13.5′ x 6
  • 1 rectangle13.5′ x 3
  • 1 strip 13.5′ x 1 1/2

Fusible interfacing (iron on one side)

Lining and cover: 2 rectangles 12.5′ x 8 1/4′

Pockets: 4 rectangles 12.5′ x 3 1/4′

1 elastic band

1 fabric covered button

Add any embellishments after putting the cover together.

An alternative to a self covered button could be a ribbon though the button and elastic is more convenient.

This time I found that the cover looks better on a hardcover notebook.

Other notebooks

Follow the the instructions from my other tutorial.

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