Headband in 15 minutes or less


  • 1  15in x 5in rectangle and
  • 2  8in x 4.5in rectangles
  • 7 in elastic band 1/5 in wide

Cut 15x 5 inches ectangle, fold with right sides together and stitch with a 1/4′ seam allowance.

Turn inside out and iron with seam in the middle and the edges turned inside.

Cut second rectangle and fold in half. Then cut the corner off one side like in the picture.

Snip the pointy edge and make a cut in the corner so that the angles are neatly ironed. Turn inside out and iron.

You’re now ready to put everything together.

Slide elastic band in one side together with one of the side bits like in the picture. Pin in place.

Do the same on the other side.

I made a little fold on each side so that the headband wraps better around the head. This is particularly important with wider headbands.

Fold is more visible in this photo. Stitch in place.

Tie the sides to match the head size.


Simple headband without the sides

This headband is slightly wider at 6 1/2′ wide.

Patchwork headband

I still have leftovers from my celtic string quilt so I thought I’d make a headband out of it.

Same method as above, but without the flaps.

You can adjust the width to your liking. Only make sure that you make folds on the sides for wider headbands.

And a couple more – I seem not to be able to stop making headbands!

The finished headbands.

One with quilted flower.

Reversible headband made with Heather Bailey fabrics.

Hot water bottle quilted cover


You will need enough fabric to cover the bottle surface plus one inch and a quarter around it.

2  10′ x 11.’5 rectangles of fabric for the outside
2  11′ x 17.5′ backing fabric
1.5 metres ribbon to match

For this project I used some of the leftovers from other projects.

I used left overs from my string quilt and laptop folder and I still have some left overs!

I used some ribbon I had left from my headband hanger project a week earlier.


Cut the fabric to measure.

Stitch the patchwork strings to the main body, then stitch the ribbon over the seam.

Time to add the batting and pin in place.

I self seamed the top part of the cover, front and backing. Leave a gap at the top to thread some ribbon through and tie the cover.

Then quilt the piece as usual. I didn’t quilt mine. I hope the batting doesn’t disintegrate when I wash it.

A view from the back.

Headband hanger

Finally I got an idea last weekend for a headband hanger. I used a quilting clip and some tape, and this is the result.